Another huge year heading towards the finish!

by Don McKinney / 11 May 2017 / No Comments

As we close in on our last few live and studio productions, I find myself looking back at all we have accomplished this season. We had one of our best football seasons ever, our men’s and women’s basketball programs both made it to the final four and we did more multicam productions than ever before in the networks history! We have bold plans for the summer to come back for next seasonĀ and will be taking our production and shoulder content to the next level celebrating the Pac-12 being the first conference to have 500 NCAA Championships!

Pac-12 at T-Mobile

Getting ready at T-Mobile for the PAC-12 Championships

Pac-12 Football Billboard

Pac-12 Football Billboard

PTI at Pac-12

Pardon the Interruption at Pac-12

About the author:

Don is a 7-time Emmy Award winning Director, Technical Director and currently the Senior Director of Production Operations at PAC-12 Networks in San Francisco.

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